Discover our Desjoyaux range of pool bubble cover rollers: maximum convenience thanks to our specially designed, high quality equipment.

The cover roller allows you to easily store your pool cover. Whether you are laying it on the pool or removing it, this comfort equipment will make the operation much easier.

The roller will also ensure that the cover is properly deployed on your pool and correctly rolled up for optimum storage.

This cylindrically shaped piece of equipment depends on the width of your pool for customised positioning and removal; the size of the roller’s structure must match the size of the cover.

Enrouleur de Bâche pour une PiscineEnrouleur de Bâche pour une Piscine

The cover roller ensures that your cover is not permanently exposed to UV rays, bad weather and disinfectants such as chlorine, pH and salt. During the day, your cover will be wrapped around the roller and, therefore, shielded from all these external factors, which reduce the lifespan of your cover. In the evening, you can very easily cover your pool back up in just a few seconds, thereby keeping it warm and clean for the following morning.

The bubble cover is a pool cover with insulating properties for retaining the heat accumulated during the day. The cover actually keeps the water at the right temperature overnight, allowing you to enjoy your pool on the following morning.

This system, which is compatible with all types of covers, allows the pool to be uncovered without needing to touch the cover and without cluttering the pool area.