Desjoyaux has been constantly reinventing its pools for more than 50 years, allowing you to focus on what matters: enjoying time with your family.

2017, launch of the pool kit

A new range of swimming pools in kit form, and 30 additional stores in France… Desjoyaux extends the swimming pool dream of all French people.

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2015, the floating pool, a world exclusive

Desjoyaux presents MOBIPOOL, a floating pool for installation on an existing body of water. A world exclusive made by Desjoyaux. The MOBIPOOL allows you to swim in an open stretch of water with no algae or other objects in the water. Now available in France for private customers, Desjoyaux has also sold the concept to numerous companies around the world.


2011, leds of all colors

The JD Pool LED spotlight has 10 lighting programmes (6 fixed and 4 variable). Thanks to its 11 LEDs, it provides very powerful coloured or white lighting. Festive lighting for unforgettable evenings.


2000’s, Technical innovations bring pool prices down even further

Between 2001 and 2010, Desjoyaux continued to innovate, developing new industrial injection techniques for all pool components (stairs, straddle filtration unit, built-in filtration unit, etc.). These new components reduce the cost of swimming pools.


1997, a swimming pool for less than 50,000 Francs!

The oval-shaped America pool with a straddle filtration unit and R176 stairs, measuring 8 m x 4 m, becomes the first pool to cost less than 50,000 Francs. Ever since it was established, Desjoyaux has shown a real determination to make pools affordable for everyone.


1994, Attractive pools, at low prices!

Filter panels and rotary moulded stairs bring about a further reduction in pool construction costs, making pools even more affordable.


1993, the swimming corridor: the pool becomes a gym

The creation of counter-current swimming can transform your pool into a gym, without needing to be the size of an Olympic swimming pool


1992, innovative stairs for lower prices

The production of stairs in thermoformed materials, using a new moulding technique, enables the concrete to be replaced and pool construction costs to be significantly reduced.


1990, a historic investment

Investment of 50 million Francs and the construction of a new plant enable Desjoyaux swimming pools to be mass produced. This marks the start of the casing injection technique, which reduces production costs and offers the opportunity to create all kinds of shapes with all kinds of dimensions.


1989, the Desjoyaux’ pool become incrasingly attractive and more zen

Thanks to our Roman filtering stairs, it is easier to access the pool, the filtration unit is cleverly concealed and the blower (bubble jets) introduce a hydrotherapy aspect to the pool.


1983, a major innovation: pipeless filtration

The first filtration patent is filed. A major, revolutionary innovation in the swimming pool sector. A filtration unit installed straddling the pool wall, the filtration unit concept features a submerged “filtration compartment”, which also houses the spotlight, and a “technical compartment” built into the deck.


1978, a revolution with multiple benefits: the permanent active casing

The first patent for a permanent active casing patent is filed. This innovation guarantees the strength and longevity of the structure, while offering creative freedom in terms of pool design. The dimensions and shapes of our swimming pools are determined by the panel assemblies, which subsequently form the structure’s “permanent active casing”.


1966, The first Desjoyaux pool is born

Jean Desjoyaux, a self-employed builder, builds his first swimming pool to provide his children with a place to be on holiday at home.


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